Partnering for a Greener Future:
Explore how Apple is tackling carbon emissions in IT infrastructure

At Conquer, we feel immense pride and satisfaction in partnering with companies that value sustainability. Our collaboration with Apple transcends innovative technology; it's a synergy of shared values. Explore how Apple's relentless pursuit of innovation aligns seamlessly with their dedication to preserving our planet. And how we can help significantly reduce your company-wide carbon emissions, which is a high-priority SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) identified by many organizations.

As per the GHG Protocol, emissions are classified into 3 categories

While fully eliminating carbon emissions across all scopes (1, 2, and 3) remains a complex challenge for companies, a growing number are committed to significant reductions and innovative solutions to shrink their environmental footprint.

Apple's commitment to the environment and sustainability

Since 2020, Apple has been carbon-neutral
for its corporate operations.
Now, they are working towards achieving

100% carbon neutrality


By taking responsibility for Apple products throughout their life cycles.

Impact so far..

Connecting with nature through Apple

Assess the carbon emissions of your current laptop and explore potential Carbon Footprint (CFP) reduction possibilities with Macs.