About Us

Cloud Migration Services

With an expert strategy, Conquer experts will seamlessly and securely migrate your business digital assets to the cloud.
  • Assessment – Comprehensive evaluation to identify any requirements and disruptions and help you in simplified digital transformation through the right strategy, workflow model, roadmap, and collaborations.
  • Strategy – Define and establish an efficient plan to help you strategize your cloud transformation journey at your own pace, led by certified cloud practitioners.
  • Migration – Build a holistic migration plan based on workload priorities, milestones, timelines, resources, and budget, empowering enterprises with excellent growth opportunities.
  • Optimization – Stay abreast of the cloud technologies, migration tools, and operational processes with our centralized optimization approach to improve cost-effectiveness, scalability, and reliability

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Conquer, specializing in cloud infrastructure management, offers multiple cold strategies to help you build future-ready infrastructure and stay competitive in the marketplace.

  • Design – Combining the domain knowledge and technology expertise to design, define and transform into a cloud that serves your every business need.
  • Deployment – Automate the deployment process to reduce the time while improving reliability and supporting the concept of an anywhere-accessible enterprise.
  • Monitoring – Identify potential performance indicators for security bottlenecks within the cloud infrastructure to maximize your cloud presence.
  • Cost Management – Low latency, high-speed network connection, and user-friendly resources to maximize performance and achieve effective cloud infrastructure cost management.
  • Governance - Receive comprehensive support in every step of the journey from infrastructure to security to improve this capability and speed of the business operations.
About Us

Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

At Conquer, we simplify your complex cloud management for seamless performance, reliability, and peace of mind.
  • Hosting – Cost-efficient cloud hosting solutions to increase the speed and boost efficiency, allowing you to focus on what matters the most – your business.
  • Managed Services – A tailor-made approach to managing your infrastructure, ensuring every specific business requirement is precisely met for optimal performance.
  • Cost optimization – Optimise the enriching resources with flexible pricing models to effectively manage the cost without compromising on the quality and scalability of your cloud journey.
  • Performance optimization – Implement advanced caching techniques and load balancing machines to optimize the cloud application's performance, speed, and responsive experience for end-users.
  • Consulting – Comprehensive support from the experts to guide you through the complexities of cloud infrastructure by leveraging best practices and delivering tangible results.