About Us

Network Design and Planning

At Conquer, with our robust network design and planning, we assist in developing an efficient network solution to meet your business requirement.
  • Analysis and Assessment – Evaluate your existing network to highlight the security and performance bottlenecks to align with your business goals and objectives.
  • Design and Architecture – Develop an effective networking architecture encompassing WAN/ LAN, SDN, and SD-WAN. It will improve your transition, streamline your resources, and unleash your firm’s fullest potential.
  • Implementation and Integration – Timely implementation and integration in your current system to fuel your digital transformation and ensure accurate deployment of new technologies.

Network Security Solutions

We offer scalable, automated network solutions for advanced threat protection and real-time intelligence.

  • Firewall Solutions: Next-generations' physical and virtual firewalls reduce the risk of threats, offer granular control over applications and devices, and validate threat prevention.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Obviate the attempts of advanced malware and other vulnerability exploitations to your network while securely allowing critical application operations.
  • Email and Web Security: Create and enforce uniform security solutions to protect your network from new email and emerging web-based threats as soon as they arise.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Apply advanced mitigation techniques via solid inspection to prevent backhauling sensitive data through scrubbing centers.
  • Identity and Access Management: Create a converged networking solution to identify malicious patterns to secure users, resources, data, and user-device access across the enterprise.
About Us

Network Auditing and Consulting

Today's businesses seek to rely more on technology to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Reimagine your network infrastructure strategy with our cost-effective network auditing and consulting solutions.
  • Infrastructure Assessment – Extensive evaluation to reverse the existing environment and provide assistance for supply design retrospectively with the latest technologies.
  • Security Assessment – Perform a multifaceted approach to security assessments and optimize the network for excellent performance against unanticipated threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance Assessment – Address compliance concerns to identify gaps in your network and offer a custom-made roadmap to transform your infrastructure.
  • Monitoring and Management - Close scrutinization and regular monitoring of your network by managing routine, switching requirements, and streamlining every networking essential to match the fast-paced requirements of your business.